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Immediate help tips

Fixed brackets

It rubs or pokes

First try to press the affected fastening wire back on the tooth. If this does not worth, temporarily put a wet water roll in the envelope fold. Please arrange an emergency date with us.

Teeth pain

After inserting the stuck brackets, the teeth are sensitive for a few days. Avoid hard food during this time. If there is still severe pain after two days, please arrange an emergency date with us.

A bracket has come loose. No complaints present

If the bracket still hangs on the bow, please leave it. If it no longer fastens on the bow, remove it carefully, arrange an emergency date and have it with you to the appointment.

A band has loosened and can no longer be pushed back on the tooth

Try to carefully remove the tape from the bow. You can round off the protruding arch end with wax. Or you put a wet water roll in the envelope fold so that the cheek won't get irritated. Please arrange an emergency date with us.

Problems with the headgear

If the headgear no longer goes into the tube of the band without any problems, bring it to the next appointment.

Gums problems

They usually arise from inadequate dental care. Therefore, consistent dental care is necessary, even if it is bleeding massively. Keep the interdental spaces intensely clean with the gap brush. Supporting should be rinsed twice a day with an antibacterial solution (e.g. meridol).

Removable brackets

Defect of a wire. Bracket still fits

If the bracket still fits, continue to carry it and let them know the next time it is checked.

Broken bracket

If possible, continue to wear brackets and make an emergency date.

Pressure points

Please arrange an emergency date with us.

The bracket no longer fits after the expansion screw

Put on the stretching screw accordingly until the bracket sits again. At the next appointment, we will put it back.

Bracket lost

Please arrange an emergency date with us because of the existing risk of relapse.

Aligner (transparent rails)

Tear or complete crack of the rail

Wear the rail as best you can. If this is not possible, wear the previous rail and arrange an emergency date with us.

Loss of the rail

Please arrange an emergency date with us, because of the risk of relapse. As long as you wear the previous rail.

Pressure points

Wear the rail as well as possible and please arrange an emergency date.


Problems with the bracket?

You can find our opening times here. We are closed on Wednesday. In urgent emergencies, we are represented on Wednesdays (except during school holidays) by:

  • Dr. Norbert Rosarius
  • Rosentalstrasse 38
  • 52159 Roetgen
  • Phone: 02471 - 39 11

In the event of a tooth accident, please contact your dentist immediately. You can find important information at www.zahnunfall.de