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Keep Smiling We create great Smiles.
Keep Smiling We create great Smiles.
Keep Smiling We create great Smiles.
Keep Smiling We create great Smiles.

About Us

Healthy teeth create a nice smile.

A nice smile and a functioning bit: that is the goal of your treatment.

We are an experienced orthodontics team. Since Dr. Schoonbroodt in 1987 as a single doctor's office up to our conversion to a dental supply center in 2022 we successfully advised and treated thousands of children, adolescents and adults. Because dental and jaw misalignments not only affect aesthetics. They also have medical consequences such as reinforced tooth enamel, increased susceptibility to caries and gum diseases or pain in the jaw, neck and back as well as posture damage. Today we have many options for treatment, including Invisalign. Contact us!

The team

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Insights into our premises

Your life. Your Health. Your smile.

Today we know how important an intact bite is for our entire organism. Therefore, we consider teeth and jaws as a harmonious unit in the organism of the individual.

In the foreground of our work is the patient, not just pine and teeth. Orthodontic treatment is a long-term therapy. Even better, if it takes place in a pleasant atmosphere! Our team forms out of employees who were with us from the start. They create a positive atmosphere through kindess and honesty, of which, combined with the professional competence, our patients benefit from every day.

In addition, the exchange of information with the transferring dentist and with other specialist colleagues (ENT doctors, pediatricians, general practitioners, internists, speech therapists, etc.) is very important.

In order to be able to optimally meet our high demands on quality and patient service, we have all of the technical work, with the exception of the Invisalign Aligner, in our own laboratory. For example, we can correct small discrepancies immediately and check directly on the patient whether everything fits optimally now.